About Prolucid Technologies

Prolucid’s Embedded to the Cloud (E2C) framework enables the delivery of large-scale, mission critical, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. This technology, combined with our expertise in a variety of industries, allows our developers to solve real world problems, help our customers transform their businesses, and in many cases directly improve quality of life. Do you want to work on meaningful projects, at a company where your contribution directly impacts those around you, and where your experience and voice are heard? Let’s talk.

When adding to our growing team, we look for more than just talented developers. We look for those developers that like software as much as we do. We hire interesting people that bring unique skills to our team, who take challenges and turn them into opportunities, and most importantly, we hire curious developers that never stop learning.

Aside from working with the best of the best, joining Prolucid comes with some other cool benefits. We’re dedicated to continuous learning and have the training budget to prove it. Flexible hours allow our team to do great things inside and outside of work (we believe in balance). Everyone at Prolucid is equipped with the best hardware & software, allowing team members to do their finest work from the office, a customer site or their kitchen table.

Current openings